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Nadi Shodhana Masterclass- Workshop 4

Why you should attend?

If there is one pranayama you should learn. Let it be this one. Nadi Shodhana is the king of pranayamas. The oldest and most practiced one for many good reasons. This pranayama is a balancing pranayama that incorporates breathing through both nostrils in an alternating manner. But has stages and layers to it that we'll explore in this workshop.

Once you attend this, you'll be able to practice Nadi Shodhana confidently with clarity and ease. After all, the more you know about pranayama, the easier it is to prioritize it as a habit.

What you'll learn:features...

Why this is the most important pranayama
The benefits of doing this for just a few min. a day
How to position arm and hand
How much pressure to apply and where
How to channel and refine the breath
How to course correct and troubleshoot
Understanding role of exhalations and retentions
Sequence for home practice
How many repetitions to do in each stage
How often to do this and when
Theory and practice of all stages
Preparatory, Beginners, intermediate stages

Workshop Details

-Bring your yoga mat
-Wear comfortable yoga clothes
-Expect a bit of Asana
-Breathing practices explained
-Practice rounds
-Q & A session

Workshop Location/Time

Online or In-Studio
December 11th, 2022
8:00am PST

Limited in-studio spots available. Don't wait to register!

Register for the workshop now.

Can I eat before the workshop?
Ideally, we'd suggest to do this one on an empty stomach for maximum understanding and benefit. A warm beverage is okay.
Can I do this if I'm pregnant or on my cycle?
Yes, this is open to all.
I can't attend this one. When is the next?
We don't have an answer to this one just yet. Sometime next year but we suggest taking the workshop now!
What if one nostril is blocked? Can I attend?
Yes, Arundhati will address this question in the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

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