Studio Policies

At Aham Yoga, we know that your time for yoga is precious & hard to come by. So we encourage you to commit to a consistent yoga practice to see the results quickly. You can show up everyday or come once a week. Over the years, it all adds up.

Aham Yoga is currently a virtual and in-person studio depending on the latest updates. As a small business, your support is crucial for us to continue to do what we do best. All our passes and memberships are available online & come with expiration dates. These are specified on the passes while you're adding them to your cart.


All events, trainings, and workshops have unique validity periods. Kindly check the event description details to ensure that you are familiar with the expiration details. These passes cannot be used for general classes


Please note that Aham Yoga does not entertain cancellation, refund or transfer requests. All sales are final and non-refundable. Package expiration dates cannot be changed, altered or extended. Class packages cannot be transferred or shared. If Credit cards on file do not process, please note that we charge an inconvenience fee of $10 for your next renewal for auto renewals. To avoid such costs, please make sure your credit card is up to date on your account. Especially if you are on a monthly auto-debit. If a payment is pending and yoga is attended a drop-in will be charged from your account.

Please note that our group yoga classes are available for persons the age of 17 (with parental consent) or older.

Aham Yoga is an inclusive, diverse and body positive yoga studio. We stand with the black lives matter movement.

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