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Jala Neti Kriya

Why you should attend?

Jala Neti Kriya is one of the 6 cleansing practices in yoga. Jala Neti is unique because it's relatively simple to practice, has a magnitude of benefits and leaves you feeling great. In our books, that's a win-win.

If you're keen to enhance respiratory health, sharpen focus, improve concentration, and build immunity against allergies, you'll want to explore Jala Neti Kriya.

Our Jala Neti Kriya workshop is open to all. This is a practical workshop where you will be doing the cleansing practice. Arundhati will demonstrate the practice and guide you step-by-step. This will be outside the studio, so please dress in layers and keep weather in mind.

You'll want to do this practice on an empty stomach. A warm beverage is okay, but avoid eating breakfast.

Workshop Details

Registration is open now. There are only 15 spots available, so early registration is encouraged. You'll need to bring your neti pot (we recommend this) and a face towel.
**If all spots fill up, get on the waitlist! This workshop is only offered once a year, but if demand is high enough a second workshop may be offered.**

What is Jala Neti?

Jala Neti is an ancient yogic practice of cleansing. In fact, it’s one of the ‘shatkarmas’ in yoga. That is one of the six cleansing techniques.
Jala = Water
Neti = Cleansing

Jala neti is the practice of pouring lukewarm saline water into one nostril and out through the other. We do this to cleanse the nasal passages, remove any blockages, and improve respiration.

Benefits of Jala Netifeatures...

There are so many benefits of this ancient practice. Nowadays, I’ve seen it being recommended by doctors for adults and children to help with allergies, colds, sinuses, headaches, etc…While there are many benefits to doing Jala Neti, here are my top reasons to teach and share this practice:
Clears sinuses
Enhances clarity
Beneficial during seasonal transitions
Increases alertness
Improves respiration
Improves resistance to blocked sinuses
Removes mental sluggishness
Enhances the sense of smell
Improves ear & throat health
Reduces facial & mental tension
Excellent remedy for allergy season
Easily accessible to everyone

What we forget to do in Jala Neti?

My pet peeve in Jala Neti cleansing is that most people believe that the practice ends after pouring the water in and out of your nostrils. This is not true. A big part of the practice that’s often missed is getting the leftover water out of the nasal passages. There are techniques for this. If not, you’ll have a leaky nose all day;) and I’m sure you don’t want that in an important meeting or while doing yoga.
Frequently Asked Questions
Still not sure about Jala Neti? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.
I've never done this before, sounds scary?
The practice can seem daunting at first. But Arundhati will guide you step by step and its way easier than it looks. You can only go as far as you want & you can stop anytime too. Most people are scared at first, but end up actually enjoying it once they learn the technique. It's all about learning the details.
I'm Pregnant. Can I do this?
This practice is to be skipped when pregnant or during your menstrual cycle.
Can I use a squeeze bottle instead of a pot?
We don't recommend the squeeze bottles because they just don't work as well. The pots make the technique effortless. The squeeze bottle doesn't have the same results.
My nose is usually blocked. Can I still do the workshop?
Yes. One of the main reasons why you must do the workshop is to clear out the nasal membranes.

Video of Jala Neti

Arundhati's viral video on Jala Neti has helped over a half million people do Jala Neti successfully. You can see the comments and interactions below the video on Youtube. This video is just a preview of what you'll learn in this workshop!
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