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Introduction to Pranayama: Workshop 2

This is the second workshop of our 4-part Pranayama Yoga Series. To join, click below.
In-Studio WorkshopOnline Workshop

Why you should attend?

Most people don't spend a spare moment thinking about their breath because breathing is an involuntary function of the human body. But the truth is, most of us breathe incorrectly, this causes more harm on a daily basis that most of us realize.

In this workshop, Arundhati will help you gain a very clear understanding of the fundamentals of pranayama. Enhancing your clarity and ability to stay committed to the practice.

This is mainly a theory session with some practice.

What you'll learn...features...

What is Pranayama
History of Pranayama
Goal of Pranayama
Relevance in Modern Life
Benefits of Pranayama
Parts of Yogic Breath
Cultivating your breath for Pranayama
Asanas for Pranayama
Groups of Pranayama
Breath Attention vs Breath awareness
Incorporating breath work into life
Overview of Pranayama Practices

The Foundation

This workshop is the most important of the 4 that we offer. As this will add clarity to every other aspect of pranayama that you'll learn and practice. We highly recommend you do this one. It's offered virtually and in-studio.
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Sunday, October 23rd, 2022
8:00-9:15am PST
Online & In-Studio

-A book and pen
-Wear comfortable clothes that are free breathing

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Can I attend this one online and the others in person?
Yes, definitely.
Will there be a recording?
Yes. We can share the recording but since it's a live interactive workshop this will be in the gallery view format. You'll get the recording the next day.
I'm only looking for practice, can I skip this one?
Ideally, we'd suggest you attend this one as it's the foundation for everything else in Pranayama.

Frequently Asked Questions

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