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Breath Awareness Practice: Workshop 3

Why you should attend?

The breath awareness practice workshop is a very significant milestone in your pranayama learning curve. In this workshop, you will learn the best, most effective breath attention techniques that yoga has to offer.

Leading you to form a better and stronger relationship with your breath. Thereby reaping the neverending benefits it has to offer as well.

What you'll learn...

Understand the difference and potential of breath attention vs. awareness
Practices for attention and awareness
A bank of techniques to get more connected with your breath
Home practice sequence to practice on your own
Unfailing tips and tricks to make breath awareness a part of everyday life
yoga teacher training

The step before Pranayama

In order to have a successful pranayama practice in the long term. Its important to learn, understand and practice breath awareness practices. This workshop can be done on its own or as combination with the others. We personally recommend the latter.

What to Bring

- Your mat
- Wear comfortable yoga clothes
- Expect a bit of asana
- Breathing practices explained
- Practice rounds
- Q & A


Sunday, November 20th, 2022
8:00am PST
In-studio and Online
$30 per participant

Join the Breath Awareness Workshop

Can I eat before the workshop?
Ideally, we'd suggest to do this one on an empty stomach for maximum understanding and benefit. A warm beverage is okay.
Can I do this if I'm pregnant or on my cycle?
Yes, this is open to all.
I can't attend this one, when is the next one?
We don't have an answer to this one at this time. Likely, sometime next year.

Frequently Asked Questions

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