Welcome to Aham Yoga! We are excited to be on this journey with you as you learn, master, and grow in your yoga practice. Yoga by nature is simplistic, and in its traditional form is meant to be used as a tool towards greater health and well-being and towards accomplishing your goals. Our classes at Aham Yoga are authentic, fun and challenging. Deeply rooted in traditional yoga, we blend dynamic vinyasa flow with a strong hatha (alignment/sequence focused) practice for a variety of levels – be it beginners yoga, advanced yoga or pregnancy yoga.

For Everyone

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, a yoga teacher, or a newbie – you will discover a whole new world of yoga within our studio and community. A world where people are enthusiastic about yoga and the deep well of wisdom behind it. A world where we integrate that wisdom into everyday living, and keep an open dialogue for discussion. A world of yoga that feels just as it would if you traveled thousands of miles to India to learn.

In Redmond

Located on 5 acres of open land just off of WA520, and five minutes from downtown Redmond, Aham Yoga opened its doors in October of 2013. Built organically by a small community of practitioners, the studio has since grown to nurture a loving, fun, supportive, diverse, and inclusive yoga community. Staying true to our moto, “Y-your O-own G-goals A- achieved” ©

Our Students Say

I highly recommend this place. Arundhati is one of the very few people in the area teaching the traditional vinyasa and hatha yogaDmitry T
She keeps the classes fun and interactive. I was amazed by how much she remembers about every student. She makes every student feel seenAshish A
I had a dream labor, Arundhati, and I credit it all to you and the yoga.Suchitra

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