Welcome to Aham Yoga! Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned practitioner, Aham Yoga is your one stop shop for all things yoga. Our yoga classes are fun, engaging, and dynamic. We offer multilevel yoga classes, beginners yoga series classes, yoga teacher training, workshops, pre/postnatal yoga classes, and yoga retreats. We offer high quality yoga instruction and personalized attention to all of our students. Get started today!

For Everyone

Aham Yoga is a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive yoga community. Our members are from all walks of life – homemakers, software engineers, doctors, school teachers, entrepreneurs, college students, and more, coming together to practice yoga in our serene Redmond location. Our studio is located amidst 5-acres of open land, at the base of a hill, making it more than just an ordinary yoga class, but more like a retreat each time you come in. Our motto, “Y-your O-own G-goals A- achieved” ©

Our Teachers

At Aham Yoga, you will find expert level, high quality yoga instruction. In short, we will tell you what to do, how to do it, what not to do, how much to do, and more. Making your time and practice with us highly efficient and effective. All of our yoga teachers are trained by our founder, Arundhati Baitmangalkar. Your practice will be safe, precise, and challenging.


I loved taking classes at Aham Yoga! Arundhati is a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring teacher. Her teaching style is clear and direct which I very much appreciated. And she has a great sense of humor. The studio is in a beautiful and quiet location. I would definitely recommend it.May L.
One of a kind studio. Go here if you want to improve your poses and practice and make some friends along the way!Suyoung
Arundhati is very knowledgeable and her practice is authentic. The studio is located on a beautiful open lot where you practice to the sounds of nature and your own breathing. Suchitra
I have an awesome experience every time I go to Aham Yoga. It feels more like a community there. The teachers are filled with knowledge and every session is different and fun. I like that I’m not just a dollar sign. The teacher actually cares about your practice and makes you feel seen. I’ve become much more flexible and gained endurance since attending Aham Yoga. Other studios I just feel like I’m doing cardio with some teacher just walking around telling me what to do. This place, they actually tell you how to do each pose properly and show you. I’d say, if you are looking for something beyond just a workout. Try Aham Yoga!Christine G.

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