Module 5

Origin, History & Transition of yoga in America

Program Dates
  • October 7th to 10th 2021
  • 09:00 am to 12:00 noon PST (Session 1) 
  • 01:00 pm to 03:30 pm PST (Session 2) 
Module Cost
  • $599 for full training 
  • The recording will be available for one year post-training 

Have you ever been curious about how yoga started? Or ever wondered how yoga made its way to us over 1000s of years? Well get ready for a journey back in time. This module is centered around diving into the origins of yoga. We trace the tumultuous journey of yoga in India for centuries understanding key moments that influenced our yoga today. And finally we'll arrive at understanding the growth of yoga in North America. If you love yoga & been curious about it's journey, this module is for you.

In this module you'll learn...
  • Origins of yoga
  • Yoga during the classical age
  • How the guru shishya parampara worked
  • Medieval period yoga influences
  • The cultural context of Indian society
  • The role of the Vedas & Upanishads
  • Patanjali & his influence
  • Other important texts
  • The evolution of different schools of yoga
  • How the Bhagavad Geeta made yoga accessible
  • The structure of Indian society
  • Yoga in the modern age
  • Krishnamacharya's legacy
  • Journey of yoga into North America (in detail)
  • Yoga today in India
  • Difference between yoga in India & USA
  • Cultural appropriation of yoga versus appreciation

This training is Live via zoom. Certifying yoga teachers need to be present live for all modules. No exceptions. Sessions are recorded and shared with participants at the end of the training.

You'll also receive a PDF with notes, reading recommendations and homework prompts to make this learning easy, fun & interactive.

Module Pre-requisites
  • Cancellations available until September 15th 2021
  • There after no refunds or cancellations available.
Studio Policy

This is a live training via Zoom. Certifying teachers need to be present live for all sessions. No exceptions. It's an immersion and the recording will be shared with you at the end of the training.

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