Arundhati Baitmangalkar

Arundhati, Lead Teacher and Founder of Aham Yoga, came to yoga after nearly a decade of teaching dance. Born and raised in India, Arundhati has been teaching since 2006. Trained in vinyasa and hatha styles of yoga from renowned yoga masters. Known for sequencing, alignment and educating her students. She represents a great balance of classical and modern yoga. Her classes are challenging, dynamic, fun and precise. She is one of the leading yoga teachers in the area. She also hosts a well known yoga blog & travels to teach. At Aham Yoga, she teaches yoga classes, teacher trainings and workshops. Read full bio here.

Marcy AdamsNelson

Marcy, RYT 200/Yoga Teacher, was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota. She was first introduced to the practice of yoga by her mother in 2000, and after several years of practice and navigating through life with this new tool, her passion to learn more grew. Marcy is a graduate of Aham Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  As a yoga teacher, she aims to spread a life of well-being, with a goal of showing her students that the strength is within them to be their best self. Marcy teaches at Aham Yoga and locally in Redmond. When she isn’t teaching yoga, she enjoys camping, skiing, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband and two young children.

srujana aham yoga

Srujana Aouk

Srujana, RYT 200/Yoga Teacher, is from South India. Through her teaching she strives to communicate that yoga needs discipline and regular practice, and not a “yoga body”. Her goal is to make every participant of her classes feel like they’ve accomplished something that day. Her practice is rooted in the classical yoga practices and she graduated from Aham Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Spring 2017. When she isn’t teaching yoga, she enjoys dancing, gardening and playing with her kids.

Salima Bagur

Salima joined Aham Yoga when it opened its doors in 2013. Having experienced the benefits of yoga, she signed up for RYT 200 teacher training at Aham to further deepen her knowledge for self-awareness as well as to help spread the joys of yoga. She truly believes that ‘yoga is for everyone’ and you just have to try it once to get hooked. When not on the yoga mat she is training to hike the great outdoors with her husband and daughter. Salima is a substitute yoga teacher at Aham Yoga, assists prenatal yoga classes and runs her own yoga practice.

Michelle Spore


Michelle grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, lived in Arizona, and now calls Washington home. Ever since her practice began in the early 90’s, she attributes yoga to have helped her through many phases in her life: young adulthood, pregnancy and childbirth, and most recently helping her rehabilitate after a major back surgery. She finds joy in the journey of yoga and hopes to help others do the same. She specializes in building original classes that are professional, engaging and effective for everyone. Outside of yoga and exercise, she enjoys hiking, developing new recipes, and spending time with her family and friends.

Sonal Mittal


Her passion for yoga began when she went to her first class 18 years ago. She instantly fell in love with the practice when she experienced the effect that yoga has on her mind and body. One of Sonal’s favorite things about teaching yoga is that she can help provide the tools for others to have a healthier life and a calmer mind in this digital age. When she has free time between work and yoga, she enjoys spending time with her sons and connecting with family and friends. She also likes reading, cooking and dancing. Sonal is from India and currently works in finance for Microsoft.

Kailey Chan


Kailey was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She helps to keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes and takes care of all the administrative functions of the studio. She has always been a fitness enthusiast but fell in love with yoga after she attended her first class in 2011 and experienced the physical and mental benefits of the practice. Outside of the studio, she likes to be surrounded by her friends and family. She enjoys spending time with her husband and boxer puppy Axle. She also likes reading, traveling to new places, and anything involving food!