19784116991_4b0390ce8b_z (1)Loved it and it’s only my very first class so far! loved the attention to detail and needs of every single pupil in the class. It was very good of her to dig deeper into my recent broken bone episodes to make sure I wouldn’t injure myself and even tailored a couple of the asanas accordingly. I loved it, I am feeling highly motivated. “ ~ Shalini.


Hatha Vs VinyasaWas planning on doing one class a week, but that immediately became two as I (and my husband who decided to tag along) really enjoyed the more traditional style of teaching. Arundhati is aware of her students limits yet still manages to gently encourage and gets them (yes, me) to achieve things that you thought were beyond your abilities. When the studio moved to Redmond, I did not hesitate to follow. The studio is away from downtown, VERY peaceful and no sirens or other traffic sounds to distract you during class and it’s a much bigger and brighter space too which is great. I look forward to my classes and NEVER walk away disappointed. I encourage you to give it a try!! Oh BTW – it’s not just Yoga. Check out their website to see the other classes they offer.” ~ Janine B.


The classes here are all taught by the owner. She is a great teacher who pays close attention to every student. I loved how she noticed the minor details and her cues landed perfectly for me. She provides assists when she feels a verbal cue is not landing. She keeps the classes fun and interactive. I was amazed by how much she remembers about every student. She makes every student feel seen. There were 2 pregnant women in our class and they were doing a different sequence altogether for part of the class. This seemed almost seamless to the rest of the class. She provides great modifications and variations to almost every student in class. She encourages the use of props and she made me use some where I don’t normally use them. This really helped me with those poses(shoulder stand and hanuman) and made me feel a sense of accomplishment.” ~ Ashish A.

1743718_894089960601156_8029937795913468717_nI highly recommend this place. Arundhati is one of the very few people in the area teaching the traditional hatha yoga (as opposed to Some Rock Star Naked Hot Chocolate 7 Steps Only Do It This Way Yoga™). She is a gifted teacher, passionate about yoga, willing to try new things, always trying to find a personal approach to each student. Any special needs are generally taken into account, and students find themselves working hard towards achievable goals – which are always different for every individual. This individual approach, combined with a lot of fine-tuning in order to capture the essence of every posture, allows one to reconnect with one’s own body – something that I, as an office worker, have always been missing.” ~ Dmitry T.

World Yoga Day 20152Absolutely Wonderful! Arundhati is the best yoga teacher. I love her classes because they are grounded, focused and she is dedicated to helping you achieve proper postures in each pose. With her attention to detail it makes it possible to improve with each class. I think everyone should experience her gift for teaching.” ~ Juliana M.

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I found Aham Yoga after I pinched a nerve in my lower back. Since starting in February, my lower back has improved immensely along with my overall body strength and flexibility. Prior to finding Arundhati, I was skeptical about the lavish praise people showered on yoga. The affection and wonderment seemed unduly rewarded. But I understand now. Arundhati helps me physically and mentally every single session I attend. Six days a week I leave class one step closer to my personal goals.
I feel like a different person now, a better person. I have learned why having yoga as a daily practice can be transformative; moreover, why finding a special teacher who fosters an enriching, familial, and challenging environment is an important piece of yoga’s calculus. I’m so grateful to have found Arundhati, Aham Yoga, and all the help she continues to give me. ♥”  ~ Sandra K.

Aham Yoga studioMy space for happiness, Aham yoga is a place where I have learnt and understood yoga in the right manner and form. The owner and instructor, Arundhati, transforms you into a complete yogi and in this last one year of yoga I have grown and started enjoying yoga with a different perception altogether. :) if u have not joined this studio, you definitely are missing out on something!” ~  Jessica S.


“I had a dream labor, Arundhati, and I credit it all to you and the yoga. My water broke (which happens only 15% of the time), I was in pain for maybe an hour, got the epidural (for which I needed to hold the cat pose ? ) which worked perfectly, then slept, pushed for 40 minutes and she was out. Though I couldn’t feel my lower body completely, it’s like my body knew which muscles to use and they’d been strengthened over the past few months! In fact, the doctor delivering Mira said that this wasn’t the norm and I was lucky. I was up and walking yesterday and hope I recover from the stitches soon. Words can’t express how grateful Sri, Mira, and I are to you – you made this magical transition for our family so smooth and easy… Huge hugs to you. I’ll bring Mira to meet you when we’re all settled in..”  ~ Suchrita 

michelle“It is clear when you practice yoga with Arundhati that you are taking instruction from a master, who herself has studied under world renown yoga luminaries. Classes at Aham Yoga are the closest you will get to experiencing the multi-faceted tradition of classical Indian yoga in the United States. Arundhati’s unique knowledge and individual attention will bring your physical and mental strength and awareness to a whole new level.” ~ Michelle B