Pranayama Teacher Training Sample Class

Want to become a pranayama-certified yoga teacher? Join us for a free sample of our pranayama yoga teacher training on April 26, 2020, from 12-2pm. It is extremely rare to find yoga teacher training classes that prepare you to teach pranayama (the yogic art of breathing). Learning how the breath affects our minds and bodies, understanding the research behind pranayama, … Read More

Winter Pranayama Series. 1.21 – 2.25.17

WHAT IS PRANAYAMA? Pranayama is the science of the yogic breath, an integral part of the eight limbs of yoga. Proceeded by asana, or the physical practice, pranayama is a means by which one can go deeper into their yoga practice. Helping the practitioner of yoga reach new subtleties of existence, experiencing the benefits of a healthier, more intelligent, and … Read More