Postpartum Workshop


Postpartum yoga is a new mom’s best friend! This workshop address all the concerns of a new mom – everyday aches & pains, discomfort, fluctuating energy levels, sleep issues, and more. Why try Postpartum Yoga? Meet other new moms in a similar phase of life. Gain understanding in how to cope with new changes and challenges Zero fuss, skillful yoga … Read More

Pranayama & Restorative Yoga Series

Pranayama is an ancient and integral part of Yoga – the yogic art of breathing. An ancient yoga practice that draws our focus inwards towards the breath, enabling us with various techniques that improve respiration, invigorates the lungs, improves brain function, feeds all other bodily systems, and helps to create longevity in our lives. Think of it as “poses” for the subtle body. Breathing … Read More