COVID-19 update

Our next yoga teacher training is due to start in September 2020We’re keeping a close eye on state regulations, but know that we’re preparing to teach sections of this training online if need be. And, if we do say so ourselvesit’s shaping up to be a great program. If you’re signing up this year, you’re in for a treat: There will be LOTS of online modules in store for you. It’s going to be a great year to train with us!  

You don’t have to put your yoga teacher training dreams on hold because of the pandemic. Our yoga teacher training has always consisted of small groups of six to eight people. Additionally, we’re creating a hybrid of in-person as well as online content this year.  You will receive plenty of online support as well as live coaching when possible. This is your year! 


What is yoga teacher training?

Yoga teacher training is an in-depth study experience designed to help you become successful yoga teachers. Our training is structured, comprehensive, and geared to help you flourish. It’s a hybrid of in-person and online training modules.  

What’s the schedule?

We’ll begin mid-September and run classes over weekends for three months.

  • September 12 to December 20, 2020
  • 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Saturdays
  • 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays

We will be updating this schedule as needed based on the requirements of the pandemic. As mentioned earlier, we’re fully equipped to take this training online if necessary. Please check back here for regular updates.

Why you should choose us?

  • We run the most organized, structured, and authentic yoga teacher training in the area  
  • You’ll receive individual attention thanks to our small group sizes 
  • Arundhati is a successful, immigrant, woman of a color yoga teacher who honors the roots of yoga  
  • We’ve got a very high success rate with our yoga teacher graduates going on to teach after completing our program  
  • The ongoing support you’ll receive before, during, and after your training sets us apart  
  • The course comes with lifetime access to additional training  

    How to apply?

    • To apply, fill out the application form linked at the bottom of this page, pay the application fee, and email us your application  
    • Applicants will be notified via email of the status of their application within seven business days 

    Course highlights

    1. Get strong the quick and smart way: Yoga teachers need to be strong and able, right? In this training, you’ll be well versed in many dynamic yoga poses and sequences, including everything from a basic down dog to handstands. This will leave you not only feeling strong, but with strong, enhanced self-awareness, a greater range of motion, and an increased sense of overall well-being. Our smart, dynamic sequencing is guaranteed to make you soar.

    2. Master the fundamentals of yoga: Do you want to be a yoga magnet? If so, you’re in the right place. Our yoga teacher training covers the most essential aspects of what it means to be a yoga teacher. Among many other things, you’ll learn intricate details of the practice, develop a strong ability to sequence and create high-quality structured classes. You’ll also learn how to cater to students of all levels, thereby increasing your scope as a yoga teacher. 

    3. Sharpen your teaching skills: Teaching yoga poses is not as easy as doing them! At Aham Yoga, we teach you the best and smartest ways to improve your teaching skills with live classes, detailed feedback, and deliberate structureall designed to make you a confident teacher. After you graduate from our training, you won’t sound like a newbie.  

    4. Live your yoga successfully: If you learn to live your yoga off your mat, you’ll have found something that you don’t yet know you’re seeking. Many modern-day yoga teachers are limited because they are stuck with just yoga poses. But not you. You’ll be equipped to apply yoga in all areas of your life, so you’ll have contentment within and success on the outside.  

    5. Set yourself up in the real world: Arundhati is an immigrant who has successfully built two thriving businesses from the ground up. You’ll gain access to her experience, insights, strategies, and tools, all of which are guaranteed to help you thrive as well 


    • Minimum one year of consistent yoga practice
    • Must be able to attend ALL training hours and complete all assignments and teaching examinations on time.
    • Even those who are not certifying in order to teach are expected to attend the full training for successful completion.

    Application and Tuition

    1. Complete theapplication form  and submit it to  [email protected]  with your $100 non-refundable application fee. 
    2. We’ll review your application and respond within 7 business days.
    3. Once you’ve been accepted, the course fee is $3200 plus tax to be paid in a single online payment in order to confirm your spot. 
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