Yoga during Pregnancy

At Aham Yoga, we encourage all of our pregnant students to practice as often as possible to maximize the benefits of yoga during your pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga is beneficial as your body is going through constant changes with each day presenting something new or different. Our teachers have the expertise to help you cope with these changes whether you’re struggling with nausea, constipation, swollen legs, or just lack of sleep. Not only do you get a prenatal yoga practice, but it presents a great opportunity to learn about your body, understand how to support it during this period of intense change, and help your baby by being in the best form physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

For women who are expecting a bundle of joy! During pregnancy, a woman will experience complete mental and physical change. This 9-month preparation for child labor and care paired with the practice of yoga is extremely beneficial to women as it helps them to cope extremely well with the ever-changing body, and prepares the mind to welcome her new addition into their new life together.

Yoga practice is a means in which you can support the body, and give it the most care to prepare the body as we maneuver through our lives. With a consistent practice, you will find relief through the power of yoga as it empowers you to cope with the changes you feel in your mind and body effortlessly. Increased body and mind awareness gained through your practice will not only make you feel better throughout your pregnancy but will also help keep the baby healthy and ensure a seamless transition for you both from pregnancy to child care.

Your Instructor

Our prenatal yoga series is taught by Sonal Mittal, a successful teacher from our yoga teacher training with Arundhati. Over the years, Aham yoga’s prenatal classes have helped many pregnant women feel great in their bodies and pregnancies. Helping them to move comfortably and safely while building strength , flexibility and calm through the practice of yoga. We also guide pregnant moms with some home yoga practice tips as well as important post-natal yoga care and practice.

“I had a dream labor, Arundhati, and I credit it all to you and the yoga. Words can’t express how grateful Sri, Mira, and I are to you – you made this magical transition for our family so smooth and easy… Huge hugs to you. I’ll bring Mira to meet you when we’re all settled in..” – Suchitra

Benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

  • Opens and stabilizes hips.
  • Strengthens the back and legs.
  • Reduces swelling and improves circulation.
  • Increases body and mind awareness.
  • Instills a deeper understanding of what the body needs.
  • Induces a sense of well-being for mother & child.
  • Decreases stress levels.
  • Prepares the body for labor.
  • Helps regulate sleeping pattern.
  • Stabilizes moods and emotions.
  • Dissolves common pregnancy complaints of aches, pains, and swelling.

Upcoming Prenatal Yoga Series

We do not have a prenatal series scheduled at this time. Please check out our beginners series which is suitable for pregnant women.