Aham Yoga is a community driven yoga studio. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a personal rapport with all our clients. A yoga class at Aham yoga is not just an ordinary yoga class but an experience. We have a diverse, inclusive and supportive yoga community. When you walk into an Aham yoga class, you will notice that we aim for simplicity, professionalism and reinforce all things that the wisdom of yoga talks about.

Aham yoga policy


  • Please visit the sign-in desk before your yoga class. All members need to be checked in
  • If you are new to Aham Yoga, please arrive ten minutes early to take care of all formalities
  • Aham yoga provides yoga mats on rental if needed
  • Our studio is a no wifi zone and cell phones are not allowed into the practice area
  • Aham yoga front desk is available only 30 minutes prior to each class

Respect for teacher & fellow practitioners

  • Turn off all cell phones and pagers (or just leave them in the car!)
  • Remove shoes before entering the practice space
  • Roll mats out quietly
  • If you have arrived early and are talking to your fellow practitioners, please do so in a low volume so that others can begin their practice peacefully
  • The studio is only available 15 minutes before and after each class for use by students
  • Please be on time. If for any reason you are going to be delayed beyond 10 minutes, we request that you do not come to class that day as you would be jumping straight into the practice without a proper warm up, and it would also disturb the flow of the class
  • Move your mat around to make space in a crowded class. Please maintain lines as it helps us utilize the available space well
  • Move your mat around every few classes so that everyone gets to be upfront
  • If you are new, need to make a payment, or if there is something you need to talk to the teacher about, please arrive early to do so
  • If you need the instructor’s attention beyond class time  and it is something that will take more than 5 minutes. Please consider booking the instructor’s time for a private session

    Cleanliness & Dress Code

  • Please observe basic hygiene when attending a yoga class
  • Dress code includes track pants, yoga pants, shorts, leggings, tops and t shirts. Jeans, cargo pants, and skirts are not considered appropriate yoga gear and may cause injury. Please wear clothing that allows the teacher to see the body line
  • Men are required to keep their T-shirt on at all times
  • If you tend to break out into a heavy sweat, please carry your own towel
  • Consider having your own mat for hygiene reasons
  • Please wipe all studio mats used after your practice, even if you did not soil them
  • Stack props back neatly into the shelf
  • If you are sick, please stay home. We may be forced to ask you to leave in order to protect the health of everyone at the studio


  • We encourage all participants to arrive prior to the start of class. This will give you enough time to settle down, check in, disconnect from the world outside and allow for a better practice
  • Being disciplined is a part of the yogic journey, all our classes start and end on time
  • If you do arrive late, doors remain open for 10 minutes after class has begun. After which we request you to attend class at another time
  • Please be mindful that making people move around in crowded classes to accommodate late comers while is a courtesy our clients oblige to is not always possible. This also takes away from the practice time and efficiency of class
  • If you happen to arrive during OM, kindly wait in the front desk area till we have completed our chanting
  • No matter how big or small the class size is, please respect the teacher and the students present
  • If you arrive late for a peak hour class and there is no space,  you will be asked to attend class during another time

Validity & Refund Policy

  • Please take note of the expiration date on each pass and plan accordingly. These details are available at the time of enrollment or on our schedule page
  • Memberships cannot be extended, put on hold or transferred for any reason.
  • In case of unexpected travel, issues at home, transport or other scenarios that are beyond our control, please understand that we cannot alter package validity. We encourage you to respect our policies to help serve you better and without bias.
  • Workshops, intensives and retreats have different validities. Please check all refund/cancellation policies before signing up.
  • Discounts may only be redeemed at time of purchase and may not be retroactively discounted. Only one discount may be applied at a time
  • Aham Yoga does not guarantee schedules and reserves the right to change, cancel, or alter class schedules, workshops, or retreats. We do our best to immediately inform students of any changes. Please check the online schedule for class cancellations or studio closures.
  • Aham Yoga accepts cash and all major credit cards. Returned checks will be subject to a $25 processing fee in addition to the original amount.

Lost Items

  • Aham yoga is not responsible for any personal belongings that may be lost, stolen or misplaced during, before and after class hours.
  • All lost and founds items will be available for 30 days after which we will be sharing these with goodwill

Note that these policies are subject to change without prior notice.