Building your home practice

building your Home practice

Have you ever wondered how to build your own home yoga practice? Join us for an informative session on how to sequence home practices, the use of different approaches, understanding the obstacles that stop us from home practice, how to overcome them and learning to adapt your yoga practice to suit all your needs at home. Minimum 6 months yoga experience … Read More

Introduction to Arm Balances

Have you ever wanted to try a few arm balance poses but did’t know how? Here’s the perfect opportunity. Join us for a 2 hour session that will take you through the alignment, approach and safe practice of arm balance poses. Arm balances will build upper body strength and endurance as well build core strength and leave you feeling accomplished ! … Read More

Building upper body strength, a foundation to vinyasa

Join us for a special series focussed on building upper body strengthen and endurance. Targeting arms, shoulders, chest, upper back and core. Upper body strength is essential for the practice of inversions, arm balances and backbends. Learn proper and safe technique practices. Please avoid if you have wrist, elbow, shoulder injuries. Minimum 3 to 6 months of yoga experience required. … Read More

Yoga for Beginners – Workshop

beginners yoga classes redmond

New to yoga? Want to jump start your practice? Aham Yoga offers a new workshop aimed at yoga beginners. Learn proper alignment, cover the foundation poses to build your practice upon, and understand the difference between yoga and exercising in this month long intensive. When is the Beginners Workshop? The workshop starts on March 6th and runs for 4 Fridays … Read More

Introduction to Yoga Philosophy

Ever wondered if there was anything beyond yoga poses? Come join us for an informative session covering the origins, history and basic concepts of yoga philosophy. DATE: 22nd March,Sunday TIME : 9:45 to 11:45am FEES: $30 VENUE: Aham Yoga, 8226 196th Ave NE Redmond WA 98052

Hip Opening Intensive, February 2015

Hip Opening Intensive, Aham Yoga

Do you want to deepen your asana practice? We are offering a 4 week intensive targeting the hip joint. We will go through a variety of basic, intermediate and advanced poses depending on your practice levels. Open hips are very beneficial to your lower back, circulatory system, overall posture, backbends and overall health and well being. All levels of practitioners … Read More

Sign up NOW for Free Yoga classes in January

The ancient art of chanting

At Aham Yoga we are making it easier to get started with your new year health resolutions. All of January 2015, we are offering 1 week of classes FREE to all new comers on our regular class packages. We run 8 sessions a week for you to choose one that fits your needs and convenience. Check our schedule or call us for … Read More

Introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa: Workshop

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a fascinating yet intriguing combination of power, strength and elegance. It is a lineage of yoga where every pattern of movement, breath and dhristi( focus point ) has been the same from the time it originated. Introduced by Sri. T Krishnamacharya, popularized by his disciple Sri.Pattabhi Jois, ashtanga vinyasa has taken the world by storm in the … Read More

Yoga for Stress Management: A Workshop

All of us combat stress in different forms in everyday life. Our mind body complex is a marvel of creation both intricate and subtle. The practice of yoga provides a path to deal with stress more effectively. With increased knowledge about the body, its energy systems, the mind, the soul and their interrelationships, we can learn to live more harmonious, … Read More

March Community Class

We conduct a free class each month. This year, we are raising funds for United Way’s (Bangalore, India) “Born Learning” campaign that is helping fight malnutrition in kids of ages 0-6 years. The classes are free, and aimed at beginners and intermediate practitioners alike. Why don’t you come and check it out for yourself? Just come in 5 minutes ahead … Read More