Arundhati Baitmangalkar, Founder and Lead Teacher of Aham Yoga, international presenter/teacher, blogger, and an eternal student of classical yoga.

Arundhati came to Yoga after spending years being a Bollywood dance instructor and performer while living in India. Many dance injuries pushed her to explore Yoga as a means of healing. Since then, not only has she healed her previous dance injuries and imbalances but has taken to teaching and guiding others on the path of Yoga. Today, she is the founder and lead teacher at Aham Yoga, a yoga teacher trainer, traveling yoga teacher, blogger, entrepreneur and an eternal student of yoga.

Arundhati was born and raised in Bangalore, India until her move to Redmond 4 years ago. During her time in India, she had the opportunity to study with some masters of Yoga as well as explore many different yet authentic lineages and styles of Yoga. With over 10+ years of teaching experience in Yoga and dance, Arundhati is one of the leading Yoga teachers in the greater Seattle area today. Recognized for her knowledge, authenticity, precision and ability to simplify yogic knowledge to suit the needs of her students. She created Aham Yoga in October 2012, to create a space where anyone and everyone could come to learn yoga, find a means of living a healthier and happier life as well as create a sense of community and belonging. Aham Yoga, is Redmond’s leading Yoga studio and offers group yoga classes, beginners yoga, 200 hour & 300-hour yoga teacher trainings, yoga workshops, retreats and so much more.

She created the Aham Yoga method to help enthusiastic yoga students understand all aspects of yoga and to take it beyond the mat. Arundhati’s style of teaching is authentic, precise and dynamic. Specializing in vinyasa and hatha forms of Yoga. All her classes, workshops and teacher trainings are dynamic, fun and challenging. She is especially known for making every student feel noticed and provides individual attention in every class. Like she says often, “At Aham yoga, we tell you exactly what to do, what not to do when to stop and the benefits of what we are doing.”

Arundhati also travels and teaches at local and international Yoga conferences, festivals and yoga studios. She is a passionate blogger and her blog, “Living Yoga” has been voted as one of the top 50 Yoga blogs on the web today. She has been featured in Yoga Journal Russia, Indian magazines, and newspapers and is a renowned Bollywood dance instructor on the side as well.

When not at Aham Yoga or BollyWorks, Arundhati can be found at home reading, cooking or enjoying a hot cup of chai with her husband and puppy. To stay up to date on her teaching schedule, sign up for our newsletter.

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Please contact [email protected] for details on how to book Arundhati to teach at your studio, festival or yoga conference.