Introduction to Meditation – 3 part series

Are you one of those people who know meditation is good for you, you wished you did it regularly but just unable to create or commit the time to do it?

By now we have all heard about the wonderful benefits of meditation. It’s positive and profound impact on our mind and spirit. For centuries, meditation has been the goal to achieve a happier, healthier and calmer state of well-being. Yet, in this information age, with everything at our fingertips, we find it harder and harder to connect with our own beings. We have constantly pulled apart in multiple directions each minute.

At Aham Yoga, Arundhati is leading a 3 part introduction to Meditation this summer. We encourage you to make time to join us for this 45-minute class on the first Friday of each month. More details below.

Benefits of Meditation…

  • Enhances clarity of mind
  • Reduces stress
  • Controls anxiety
  • Improves concentration and focus
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Increases acceptance
  • Increases happiness
  • Benefits cardiovascular health
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves sleep
  • May help reduce age-related memory loss

Who is meditation suitable for?

  • Anyone looking to lead a more mindful life
  • People who are stressed or anxious
  • Anyone looking to improve their life
  • People longing for a sense of calm and control
  • Yoga teachers

What to expect in a meditation class?

  • A seated practice. Props will be provided
  • Guided practice to develop inward focus
  • Come with no expectations or judgment

Your yoga instructor…

Your introduction to meditation series will be led by our founder, Arundhati Baitmangalkar. Read full bio here.

Sign up and other details…

This is a 3 part series. We encourage you to attend all 3 classes as they are interlinked. First Friday of June, July & August (exception made for July). Currently, we are enrolling for full series only. Please check back in a month for drop-ins or leave us a note at [email protected] for drop-ins.

Dates – June 1st, July 13th & August 3rd, 2018 

Time – 07:30 pm to 08:15 pm 

Tuition – $45 early bird until May 20th, 2018. Thereafter, $55 for full series 

Cancellation/refund policy – this pass is non-refundable or transferable to other classes or workshops.