Summer Hike and Yoga

Summer hike and yoga by Aham Yoga
One of the bonuses of being in the Pacific Northwest is all of the beautiful opportunities to hike and enjoy nature at its finest during the summer months! Whether you are an avid hiker or a complete novice, our summer hike and yoga event will be perfect for you. 
Do you enjoy the great outdoors, and reaping the countless benefits that nature has to offer? Have you ever considered taking your yoga mat outside the yoga studio or home? Pairing the natural beauty with your practice of yoga?  If so, consider joining us as we take our mats from the studio out into nature for our Summer Hike and Yoga event. 


Barclay Lake

The 2.2-mile trail to Barclay Lake starts directly from the parking lot. For most of its course, the trail follows the path of Barclay Creek, which is tucked into a narrow valley between Gunn and Merchant Peaks to the north and Baring Mountain to the south.

The trail gains a net 200 feet of elevation over its course to the lake, though there is enough up-and-down to keep you from getting bored. You will see Douglas firs, western hemlocks, and red cedars, some of which are surviving old-growth specimens. Watch for mushroom species, maidenhair ferns, queen’s cup, trillium, salmonberry, and bunchberry. If you look up, you will catch peek-a-boo vistas of the mountains to the north.

At the 1.2-mile mark, crossover Barclay Creek on a log bridge with a single railing. Baring Mountain’s precipitous and rocky northern face suddenly dominates the view. Take in the reflections of evergreens, sky, and Baring in the lake’s peaceful waters.

Summer Hike and yoga by Aham Yoga

Summer Hike and yoga by Aham Yoga

 What you will need for Summer Hike and Yoga

Yoga Mat: Bring your own yoga mat, preferably one that you can put down on the ground and you won’t mind getting it dirty. Remember yoga mats can be cleaned. We recommend a thin blanket or big size towel to lay under your yoga mat. That way your yoga mat will be better protected.

Cap, Hat, Sunglasses: Depending on the weather that day, we could be exposed to the sun. So carry your cap, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc…whatever you need when you hike outdoors

Face towel and water: It will get hot, so carry your towel for your yoga practice and water for the entire hike. And any additional snacks that you may need to sustain the hike and yoga.

Bring a yoga buddy: To make your summer hike and yoga more fun, consider bringing a yoga buddy along with you

Summer hike and yoga by Aham Yoga

Summer hike and yoga by Aham Yoga


Other important details…

  • Register early. We have limited spots open.
  • Carpool options available if you are an Aham Yoga member
  • Parking tickets or permits required
  • Kids and pets not allowed


  • Click here for the map, directions and parking pass details.
  • We will start the hike together at the car park if you would like to join us. Or meet us directly at the campsite at the end of the trail
  • The yoga will last for 45 to 60 minutes depending on weather conditions.
  • We plan to stay for a short bit after yoga to take in the views, eat a snack and take some yoga pictures. You are welcome to stay or head back
  • After this, its back down to the car park
  • A detailed schedule will be shared closer to the date of the event
  • Summer yoga and hike pass is $25 early bird till August 15th. Thereafter $30
  • The hike starts at 8 am. Aim to be done by midday.
Click here to register for Summer hike and yoga.