Benefits of Yoga Poses Workshop. Saturday, Jan 7, 2017.

Do you know how many yoga poses are available to us? 26? 50? Maybe 100’s? Legend claims that we have 84 million yoga poses! Many of these are unknown to us today, but there are still several thousands that have been documented for us over the centuries. Have you ever wondered what the benefits of these yoga poses are?

The physical practice of yoga consists of practicing and holding many asanas, or yoga poses, carried out in a special sequence. To the untrained eye, these look like mere body contortions, but is there more to it?

Absolutely! Every yoga pose we do affects every layer of our being. From physiological to psychological, and spiritual aspects of our being. It is because of this deep integration that we sometimes feel super elated or a buzz after an intense yoga class – a feeling caused by the deep work of the various yoga poses that we practice.

In our ‘Benefits of Yoga Poses’ workshop you will learn more about the benefits of many yoga poses, understand the power of yoga sequencing to effectively get a desired effect on the mind and body. Think of it as creating a recipe for your mind and body – a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Topics Covered:

  • The different categories of yoga poses.
  • Benefits of many yoga poses.
  • Smart yoga pose sequencing.
  • Take home a deeper understanding of all yoga poses
  • Understand the ability to enhance your own yoga practice

Your Instructor:

Arundhati Baitmangalkar  is an internationally well known  yoga teacher.  Apart from her founder’s role at Aham Yoga. She is a full time yoga teacher and spends most of her time teaching and travelling to teach. Known for being knowledgeable, precise and approachable. Arundhati communicates her message with ease and simplicity. Read her full bio here.


Benefits of Yoga poses at Aham Yoga

Who Should Participate?

  • Anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of how yoga poses work.
  • Yoga teachers
  • Yoga teacher trainees
  • Regular practitioners of yoga
  • Beginners to Yoga

yacep*Note: This workshop is eligible for CEU’s

When is Benefits of Yoga workshop?

Saturday, January 7th from 12-2pm

How to Sign up?

Find a deeper connection and meaning to your yoga practice. Learn to practice for your body on any given day or season.

Price: $45 (early bird $35 until 12/11/16). Click here to enroll.