Sunrise Yoga Series: 9/9 – 9/30

What is our Sunrise Yoga Series?

Sunrise Yoga – Core and Hip Intensive Series is designed to build strength and flexibility throughout the trunk and hips as we progress through this 4 week series in a variety of twists, core, and hip focused asanas. Each class will build upon the last until the series is complete. We will be working towards some more advanced peak poses that require core and hip strength and flexibility, with clear instruction and guidance from Arundhati, founder of Aham Yoga.
Do you need to be able to get into these advanced asanas to succeed in this series? Absolutely not. Just come to class with a willingness to try, overcome limitation, learn, and do your very best. We aim to bring you deeper into your practice, and provide you with as many tools as possible to continue on your yoga journey with safety and success in the many years to come.

What to expect?

  • Class begins at 6:30am. Come preferably on an empty stomach, before your breakfast and morning tea. Water or a light snack is fine if needed.
  • Bring your best to the mat on this early morning practice, and prepare to delve deep into the muscles of the trunk and hips as we progress into asanas that will increase strength and flexibility from the core throughout.
  • 60 minutes of intense work, making the most of our time together on the mat.
  • Leave feeling stronger, lighter, and more refreshed before truly beginning your weekend.
  • Overlap this with our 6 week Fall Pranayama Series beginning September 22nd for increased benefits.

When is it?

Friday, 6:30 – 7:30AM  September 9th – 30th, 2016

Who is it for?

  • All yoga practitioners with an existing consistent practice that are looking to delve deeper.
  • Yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their own practice and understanding of advanced asanas.
  • For the early birds who rise with the sun to feed their bodies and minds for the day ahead.


  • Entire series – $65 Early Bird until 8/22. Thereafter $80.
  • $21 drop-in rate.
  • Note: Purchase and attendance of entire 4-week series is strongly encouraged as we build from week to week. 

How do I enroll?




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