Jala Neti Workshop – IYD Event. June 19th, 2016.


Jala Neti Kriya is a cleansing technique native to the tradition of Hatha Yoga. On the surface of it, the practice involves pouring lukewarm salinated water through one nostril, letting it flow out through the other. While it sounds simple, one must learn how to do this right, understand the subtleties in how to cleanse all the water from the sinuses, and know the benefits and contra-indications of this practice.
No prior experience or knowledge of practice necessary. Arundhati Baitmangalkar, from Aham Yoga, has learnt, studied and  practiced many different types and intensities of cleansing techniques, and will guide you safely through the process step by step, tailoring the cleansing to your level and needs. You will be amazed at how beneficial yet simple this can be.


Jala Neti has many benefits. While we will elaborate at the workshop, know that it cleanses the sinsuses and grey cells (extremely helpful during allergy season), enhances clarity, and increases focus, awareness, attention and memory. Good for the health of the eyes, improves skin and lots more…Come try it for yourself!

Join us on Sunday, June 19th from 10:15am to 11:45am. Please bring your own neti pots. Workshop is $20 as part of International Yoga day celebrations. Pre-registrations encouraged. Sign up today to claim your spot!