IYD Asana Classes. June, 2016.

As part of our International Yoga Day Weekend Celebration, there will be several yoga asana classes available to all levels throughout the course of the weekend. These classes are designed to increase strength, flexibility, and openness in the body, taught in Vinyasa / Hatha style. We believe that yoga is accessible to everybody, we also believe it is important to push your boundaries and explore the body that you are in (safely, of course!).

Beginner Yoga Class : Suitable if you have never done yoga, if it’s been a long time since you’ve practiced, or if you are pregnant. Designed to build a strong foundation to your practice, and to leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

All Levels Yoga Class: Suitable for people who know the basics, but want to go a little further. Have a basic understanding of the most frequented poses and then some. Building up practice, strength, flexibility and discipline.

Rigorous Yoga Class: This two hour practice will include yoga asana, chanting, and pranayama to experience the full effects of Classical Indian Yoga.

108 Sun Salutations: Join us for a moving meditation with a 108 sun salutations to renew our commitment to yoga and ourselves. Not suitable for beginners or pregnant women.

AY Members attend classes free, and non-members pay a fee. Beginner Yoga and All Levels Yoga is $15. Rigorous Yoga and 108 Sun Salutations is $20.

Pre-registration is required, sign up now to claim your spot – these classes fill up fast!