Ayurveda Immersion – February 18 -19, 2017

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest medical systems, and is known as the sister science to yoga. It literally translates to the “wisdom of life” or “science of life”. Some of it’s practices includes the use of herbal and natural remedies for illness and disease, and comes with a wealth of knowledge on how to live holistically, healthfully, and happily. Join us this February with our guest, Afrin, trained Ayurveda counselor and practitioner, as we learn the fundamentals in this Ayurveda Immersion, and how we can intertwine it’s practices within our practice of yoga.

Who should attend the Ayurveda Immersion?

  • Yoga practitioners of varying levels.
  • Aspiring yoga teachers, or yoga teacher trainees.
  • Seasoned yoga teachers.

What to expect from the Immersion?

Day One: Begin the Ayurveda Immersion by learning the fundamentals of Ayurveda, and discover your personal prakruti (dosha) and how to identify this in others. Delve into the basics of Ayurvedic analysis and how to apply it’s practices to find balance, health, and well-being.

Date Two: Building upon day one, you will now learn how this applies to yoga, and practice different asanas or sequences appropriate for each dosha.


Afrin Sopariwala is a certified yoga teacher and Ayurvedic counselor and will lead the Ayurveda immersion. She has studied Iyengar yoga for the last 4 years and completed the Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor Certification with the Kerala Ayurveda Academy, where she continues her Ayurvedic study. She was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and currently resides in Seattle. She is also an environmentalist and activist.

When is the Ayurveda Immersion?

Saturday, February 18, 2017, 2:30 – 6pm.

Sunday, February 19, 2017, 3 – 6pm.

Pricing and How to Enroll

Full Workshop: $150 (Early Bird price of $135, until 1.23.17)

Saturday ONLY: $90

Limited Slots Available. Enroll Today to claim your spot!