The October Yoga Challenge Starts 10/5

october yoga challenge - aham yoga

Are you ready to take your Yoga practice to the next level? Our 3 week October challenge starts October 6th, monday. We are excited and ready…Read on for all details

What is the Challenge?

  • 6 classes of Yoga a week for 3 weeks (Oct 5th to 25th)
  • That’s it!

What if I cannot attend 6 classes a week?

We encourage you to attend as many classes a week as you can in the next three weeks. For example, you can set a ‘personal goal ‘ that works for your calendar. It could be 3 times a week, 5 times a week and so on…We put this number up on our “Wall of Fame” and track your attendance. So we can keep track of you for the next three weeks.
We also have a custom event page on Facebook, managed by one of our participants (Allison Gabbata) with regular updates of how the challenge is going, who is ahead and much more…Some of our clients are unable to make it 6 days a week, but will be sending us videos and pictures of their home practice on those days.

What do I gain from the challenge?

The biggest reward from this challenge will be for your own body and mind. Your practice will grow leaps and bounds just by coming to class everyday. You will feel much stronger, more flexible, happier and your mind will be more relaxed and relatively stress-free. You will also become more disciplined with regards to Yoga practice and create more space and opportunity for it in your life. Yoga is afterall, not something we do just on the mat – but a way of life.

But just incase that is not enough for you, we have a few materialistic options lined up as well;)

  • One lucky winner, who completes 21 days will get a complimentary private session
  • ALL 21 day completion winners get 50% off their next enrollment
  • Be up on our “WALL OF FAME”
  • Lucky draw for 21 day winners, gets a copy of ‘Light on Yoga’

What’s the schedule for the challenge?

Look at our class calendar for the next 3 weeks and attend classes as per your convenience. We are OPEN 7 days a week for the next 3 weeks. We have introduced 3 NEW classes – Fridays noon and evenings as well as Sunday mornings. You can even attend 2 or 3 classes in a day and it will added to your account

What does it cost?

For members – Nothing extra! Just show up and use your class card.
For non-members, a 21 day sign up is required.

Is the challenge open to Beginners?

The challenge is open to ALL members of Aham Yoga. However, if you are not a current member of Aham Yoga and have not done Yoga before, this challenge maybe a little too much at this point. We require all beginners to complete our 6 weeks introduction to yoga course before joining our all levels classes.

Why is the challenge in October? Will there be more?

Yes! There will be more in future. We turn 2 this week and as always are keen to make Yoga more a part of everyone’s lives and build a healthier, happier Yoga community around us.