Women’s Health and Yoga Workshop. Sunday, May 7, 2017.

womens health & yoga

“Without health there is no strength. Strength is preserved only when health is maintained. Health of body means both physical and mental well-being. It is a sign of a peaceful state of the body and the mind when one is able to follow ethical codes, maintain moral standards and fulfill social obligations.” Women play many roles in their lifetime. A … Read More

History of Virabhadrasana, or Warrior Pose

We are all more than familiar with the Virabhadrasana or warrior poses. They are a part of almost every yoga class in the world. Many poses in yoga have a story attached to them, and this is one of them. According to Indian mythology, Brahma advised Lord Shiva to get married. Shiva was an ascetic and lived in the heavens. … Read More

Summer yoga retreat in the mountains (and next year’s dates)

aham yoga retreat

Last weekend (July 24-26th), we led our first summer yoga retreat to the majestic mountains of Leavenworth. While we were thoroughly spoilt with decadent luxury at the Sleeping Lady resort, and our days were filled with lots of Yoga, nature, food, relaxation and fun. Our days started with an early morning yoga class with sun salutations, asanas and pranayama followed by … Read More

BKS Iyengar, his life & legacy

THE LIFE & LEGACY OF BKS IYENGAR. The man who spread Yoga to the modern world Honestly, I do not know where to start. I have been thinking of this tribute for a couple of weeks now and I feel nothing I write here will do justice to the life & legacy of BKS Iyengar. So I am just going to … Read More


This article of mine was recently published in Seattle Yoga News. For more details and tips for your yoga journey, sign up for our free newsletter Many who practice or study yoga are often enticed by the idea of traveling to study yoga in India. Why India? Because this is the land where yoga was born over 5000 years ago. India … Read More

Yoga in India vs Yoga in America – My Observations

arundhati yoga pose 3

I recently published an article in the Seattle Yoga News about the differences in how the East (India) and the West (America) approach yoga. Do read and let me know what you think. And if you are interested in similar content, do subscribe to our newsletter here. Originally published in Seattle Yoga News YOGA IN INDIA VS. YOGA IN AMERICA  A … Read More

How yoga changed my life?

People often ask me about my yoga journey and how I started. Here is my yoga story and how it has changed me over the last couple of years. A lot of people assume I have practiced yoga my whole life. This is untrue. It will be three years this August. Before then, I had not even considered yoga or … Read More


I have recently caught myself day dreaming about my yoga school days and re-living the whole experience in my head. I think this is happening because of a couple of reasons. 1. I have not practiced with my main teacher for over 1.5 years now. 2. My yoga school days are extra special in my heart. It is a place … Read More