Asana Pronunciation Workshop

Sanskrit is called the “language of enlightenment.” Ever wondered how to say and pronounce the names of the poses correctly in Sanskrit? Or wanted to understand the numerous mythical stories behind the origins of Yoga poses? Join us at Aham Yoga as we take you through this wonderful journey of stories, sounds and more.. The workshop will be held Sunday, … Read More

We turn 2 today!

2 years of aham yoga

We cannot be more excited! It is yet to sink in that we have been around for 2 years already. Still seems like yesterday when we first opened our doors and a handful of people walked in. Today, we open our doors and there is a crowd walking in. I cannot be happier. HOW IT ALL STARTED? Since many of … Read More

The October Yoga Challenge Starts 10/5

october yoga challenge - aham yoga

Are you ready to take your Yoga practice to the next level? Our 3 week October challenge starts October 6th, monday. We are excited and ready…Read on for all details What is the Challenge? 6 classes of Yoga a week for 3 weeks (Oct 5th to 25th) That’s it! What if I cannot attend 6 classes a week? We encourage you to … Read More

Team Aham Yoga at the Yogathon 2015

aham yoga at Yogathon 2015

We did it!!! Team Aham Yoga helped put a smile on a child’s face forever… I am still on such a high from this morning. A big thank you to all who turned up (at Yogathon 2015)and to those who couldn’t make it but were still there in spirit and contributed to helping raise awareness and funds to provide quality … Read More

Top 5 Things to Look For In a Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training

When I did my first yoga teacher training course in 2011 in Bangalore, India I had limited options to pick from. Not knowing what to look for, I relied completely on a friend’s review of her recent yoga course and in a week, I had signed up for my first yoga teacher training near home. Since then, a lot has … Read More

Summer yoga retreat in the mountains (and next year’s dates)

aham yoga retreat

Last weekend (July 24-26th), we led our first summer yoga retreat to the majestic mountains of Leavenworth. While we were thoroughly spoilt with decadent luxury at the Sleeping Lady resort, and our days were filled with lots of Yoga, nature, food, relaxation and fun. Our days started with an early morning yoga class with sun salutations, asanas and pranayama followed by … Read More

Trikonasana: What a simple triangle can do for your body and mind

trikonasana aham yoga

‘Utthita’ = extended, outstretched, ‘tri’ = three; ‘kona’ = angle, ‘asana’ = pose Benefits Stretches the muscles of the leg, especially around the knees and ankles Stretches the hamstrings and calves Relieves stiffness in the hips and stretches the groins Lengthens the sides of the trunk Strengthens and tones the arms Relieves shoulder stiffness Good for those who suffer from … Read More

Why We Love Headstand (And You Should, Too!)

headstand shirshasana by arundhati

“Shirsha” in Sanskrit means head while “asana” means seat/pose. It is a yoga posture in which one balances on the head for an extended period of time. Mastering this pose requires dedication and continuous effort from the yoga shadhaka (practitioner). Shirshasana has been labeled as the “King” of all poses. The brain is the seat of intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and … Read More

International Yoga Day Celebration

aham yoga international yoga day

This June 21st (Sunday) is first International Yoga Day. Join us at the studio for a free yoga class, exclusive discounted shopping courtesy of Lucy Activewear (Redmond), get your yoga photos taken with one of the most sought after photographer in the Northwest, Shubha Tirumale and more. 8am -9am: Free community yoga class 9 am – 12 noon: Free photo session(for … Read More