How Yoga makes me a better parent

How Yoga makes me a better parent: Learning How to Fall Down By Elena Savage It’s 7 a.m., and my tween age daughter is hurling invectives at me: she does not have enough clothes, I never listen to her, life sucks.  My son suddenly appears to tell me that, by the way, he dropped his phone in the toilet about … Read More

Myth Busters Episode 1 – “I am not flexible enough to do yoga.”

We often hear people toss around the word “flexibility” as if it is a prerequisite to starting a yoga practice. We are here to bust that myth wide open! Yoga is for every body – flexible or not. Watch Episode 1 of our Myth Buster series below to find out more.   Have questions? Looking for more clarity? Want us … Read More

Pose of the month – Upward facing dog

We all love doing up and down dogs in a yoga class. But there is a lot more to Updog than what meets the eye. Let’s explore this pose in some detail. The real name of this pose is “Urdhva Mukha Swanasana”. When broken down ‘Urdhva’ = upward, ‘mukha’ = face, ‘swana’ = dog, ‘asana’ = pose Benefits: Rejuvenates the spine … Read More

Difference between Hatha and Vinyasa forms of yoga

hatha and vinyasa yoga

In one of my recent Yoga Teacher Training classes, we were discussing the differences between Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga. Coming from a background of education and practice in both styles, I incorporate methods from each practice into my class and personal sequencing. My Western students seem to be most familiar with vinyasa styles of yoga, generally giving it … Read More

Ayurveda Immersion – February 18 -19, 2017

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest medical systems, and is known as the sister science to yoga. It literally translates to the “wisdom of life” or “science of life”. Some of it’s practices includes the use of herbal and natural remedies for illness and disease, and comes with a wealth of knowledge on how to live … Read More

Minneapolis Yoga Conference – March 3-5, 2017

What is the Minneapolis Yoga Conference? The 4th Annual Minneapolis Yoga Conference has been designed to provide a yoga offering unlike any other. With an awareness of what brings people to yoga, an eagerness to explore the depths of the practice and an embracement of the entrepreneurial spirit that helps yoga professionals thrive, the Minneapolis Yoga Conference embraces and celebrates … Read More

Sedona Yoga Festival, March 9-12, 2017

Sedona Yoga Festival

What is the Sedona Yoga Festival? Running for it’s 5th successful year in the row, the Sedona Yoga Festival is a world class opportunity for you to deepen your yoga practice and tap into ancient wisdom with three days and three nights of yoga, meditation, hiking and energy work in the undisputed spiritual center of the West  – Sedona, AZ. … Read More

Build Home Yoga Practice Workshop. Saturday, March 18, 2017.

Have you been wanting to take your yoga practice from the studio into your own home? To help educate on how to best proceed with an at home yoga practice, we have opened up a 2 hour workshop with our founder, Arundhati Baitmangalkar, on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 1-3pm. Come learn how to take yoga with you anywhere and … Read More

Spring Pranayama Series: April 29 – May 27, 2017.

pranayama breathing series

The breath is an integral part of yoga practice. Without focus on breath work, Yoga cannot be complete. Pranayama is the ‘yogic art of breath’. It’s a practice that needs to be cultivated with time, dedication and maturity. Pranayama is a seated practice in which the participant is led through a variety of breathing techniques.  Pranayama techniques are offered in a structured, comprehensive and thorough manner. … Read More

Best hamstring pose?

Hamstrings are an important muscle for all yoga practitioners. The muscle originates from the base of the gluts (buttocks) and inserts behind the knee. It’s the muscle behind the thigh bone. A large, primal and often stubborn muscle. We have all experienced this muscle at some point. If not, try standing up and touching your toes, where do you feel … Read More